Product Description

Some might describe the Syndin blanket as a big warm hug. We're into that. That's kind of why we chose it for the Blue House Goods collection. Not to mention the stunning print. 

Made from high-quality lambswool and featuring a timeless, bold geometric design in colors inspired by the Syndin mountain region of Norway – this is the sort of blanket that both looks and feels like it will last a lifetime.

  • Its soulmate is, of course, the Syndin pillow.
  • Design by: Kristine Five Melvær
  • Size: 130 x 200 cm
  • Quality: Norwegian lambswool


About Røros Tweed

Norwegian wool, 100% Norwegian production and close collaboration with Scandinavia's leading designers and textile artists have made Røros Tweed's blanket one of the most reputable Helnorsk quality products. 

About the Designer

Melvær (b. 1984) is an Oslo-based designer who works with tableware, lighting, furniture, textiles and graphic design. She holds a master's degree in industrial design from the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo (2008) and a master's degree in visual communication from the College of Art in Oslo (2012). Melvær works on how objects communicate, and through this will bridge the gap between product design and graphic design. She focuses on the communicative potential of objects and will use this as a means to create emotional bonds between objects and users. By searching for the essence of various phenomena, she translates these qualities into sensuous objects with Scandinavian simplicity.