Product Description  

Oh how we love a great bag. Especially one that is meant to store all your essentials in an elegant manner.

The KAOS Endeløs series is all about form meeting function, and the Canvas Storage Bag is the perfect accessory. But it doesn’t end there – with this little bag you’ve got lots of options.

Snap it on the crib, hang it by your changing table. A catchall in the front hall closet, even a handy spot to keep the kitchen towels. if you’ve got a bar, this bag belongs. As with all things Endeløs, you get to do you.

The clever design of these storage bags lets you easily snap on the rungs of your KAOS wall bars for additional and discrete storage. The dark grey canvas adds a sophisticated touch to any space.


kaos endelos canvas storage bag dark grey

- Style tip: Pair with the Canvas Shelf to satisfy all your storage needs.

- Materials: Robust canvas and brass

- Dimensions: 27x34x14 cm

About KAOS

Since 2015, KAOS has developed a growing collection, and are just getting started. KAOS creates high-quality functional design products that last through several stages of life. And is manufactured with the lowest environmental footprint possible, so we can give our children the safest future possible.

They will never let functionality compromise on design and vice versa. They would rather dedicate more time on development, until the product is perfect. It is a truth that you take better care of things you love. We know you will love your KAOS products.