Product Description

The KAOS mini ransel is the backpack your kid truly needs for adventures of every kind.

Not only is it simultaneously adorable and stylish, but in this case, it's the functionality that really hooks you - down to the padded seat insert for school outings and buckled carry handle that allows you to easily clip it to your own bag or stroller when the kids get tired. (All those rocks and toys can get heavy to lug around!)

Designed in Norway for kids ages 1 through 6. Made from coated Polycotton and imitated leather, the KAOS mini ransel is built to withstand all weather and is 100% water proof.

  • Design by: Gineline Kalleberg & Mette Bordal Hansen
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 27 cm; Width: 23 cm; Depth: 12 cm
  • Materials: Waterproof Polycotton; EVA Foam seating pad


    About KAOS

    KAOS creates high-quality functional design products that last through several stages of life. And is manufactured with the lowest environmental footprint possible, so we can give our children the safest future possible.