Product Description

“A late summer evening, It pops up in front of me in the woods. Largest among the animals. Carrying a crown that all the hunters in the village want as a trophy on his wall. A twig is broken and the animal stops, tips her ears, then quickly retreated to the protective dimness of the forest. A part of my childhood and the first small pieces of what would become a graphic pattern. A trophy in my way - a moose” 

Design by Bengt Lindberg

Size: 45 x 45 cm

Quality: Norwegian lambswool


About Røros Tweed

Norwegian wool, 100% Norwegian production and close collaboration with Scandinavia's leading designers and textile artists have made Røros Tweed's blanket one of the most reputable Helnorsk quality products. 

About the Designer

Bengt Lindberg, designer and illustrator, creates new designs with roots in traditional folk art. His designs can be both playful and strictly graphic. In 1991 he made his first moose, which has become a modern Swedish souvenir. Bengt was born in Värnamo, Sweden, but his grandparents owned a farm in Skåne, filled with art and craft objects. - I've always loved old things, says Bengt, especially a little naive, clumsy folk art stuff. When things are perfect they will also be boring