Product Description

Primitives Triptych, composed of Circle, Square, and Triangle Print, examine the arc of geometric shapes prominent in Scandinavian design, contrasting their holistic precision with a wider, haphazard and organic brushstroke. Color-fast pigmented acrylic on acid-free archival quality heavy-weight Bristol paper.

Dimensions without frame: 14 x 17 in

About the Designer

Brooklyn-based designer Karl C. Sluis spent his years in web design learning also the how—the nitty-gritty of programming language. In the printed medium, Sluis directs these skills creatively - his works are sketched by mechanical arm, employed by architects for more than fifty years to generate large-scale blueprints, translating his experiments in math, geometry, and trigonometry into two-dimensional movement in the real world. 

For Blue House, Sluis has created a limited series of prints that represent an exploration of brushstrokes, inks and the striking and beautiful contrast between the digital precision of a drawing plotter and the analog, aleatory effects of using imprecise media.