Product Description

These cushions are expanding the Una-family, reusing the texture from the blankets where three and three yarns join to form braided bands.

The color palette is composed of three coherent colors set against a graded grayscale.

The rough texture makes for a rich materiality.

Design by Anderssen & Voll

About Røros Tweed

Norwegian wool, 100% Norwegian production and close collaboration with Scandinavia's leading designers and textile artists have made Røros Tweed's blanket one of the most reputable Helnorsk quality products.

About the Designers

Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll are among Norway's most qualified designers and are among the designers behind the internationally renowned design office Norway Says. The designs Berg, Skog and Kors for Røros Tweed were the first launch for Anderssen & Voll. Berg, named after the textile artist Sigrun Berg, was honored with the Mark for Good Design in 2011.