Designer Highlight: Anderssen & Voll

Designer Highlight: Anderssen & Voll

By Liv Buli

Designer Highlight: Anderssen & Voll

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Behind all of these beautiful home goods we are so proud to feature at Blue House Goods, are some incredibly talented and lauded designers. Creatives that are pouring their time and commitment into dreaming up how to enhance and accommodate domestic life with items that do more than just add beauty, they serve a valuable function - whether that is to keep us warm, store our belongings, or encourage play

From time to time we like to shine the spotlight on these designers here at Blue House Goods, and are excited to introduce a design team that is behind several of the collections we stock from our favorite wool manufacturer Røros Tweed.

Anderssen & Voll is a design office based in Oslo, founded in 2009 by the incredibly talented Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. Focused predominantly on domestic objects – furniture, lighting, and accessories for the home – the duo has received multiple awards for their work; including the Wallpaper Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award and Honorary Award for best Design in Norway. 

Anderssen & Voll for Hem

Hem Kumo Modular 3 Seater Sofa by Anderssen & Voll

Image via Hem

Prolific in their work, Anderssen & Voll have collaborated and contributed significantly to pretty much every producer we admire here at Blue House Goods, from Hem, to Muuto, to Røros Tweed

muuto outline series anderssen and voll muuto outline series by anderssen and voll

Muuto Outline Series by Anderssen & Voll

muuto framed mirror anderssen and voll 

Muuto Framed Mirror by Anderssen & Voll

Images via Muuto

Their designs stand as a minimalist approach to the modern Scandinavian home, but one that takes into account current cultural and market influences as part of the creative process. Their work spearheads a movement known as New Nordic, characterized by an increased use of color in traditional Scandinavian design. 

Oslo lounge chair hem design studios anderssen and voll muuto olso series by anderssen and voll

Muuto Oslo Series by Anderssen & Voll

Images via Muuto

“Design at A & V means being receptive to cultural and market influences and applying this knowledge in forward-thinking ways to generate groundbreaking and desirable products for our clients.”

Anderssen & Voll are behind multiple collections from Røros Tweed, among them the Picnic series, which we have long been obsessed with and were thrilled to learn would grow in 2020 to include pillows as well. It did not take us long to introduce these to the shop

anderssen and voll picnic petrol pillow for roros tweed by Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed

Røros Tweed Petrol Picnic Pillow by Anderssen & Voll

Image via Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed

A departure from the manufacturer’s standard sizing, the designers felt that the somewhat coarse texture of the Picnic blanket (it is rugged enough to take on a picnic, yet ages into a soft, comfortable throw ideal for achieving maximum hygge) would really stand out in a larger format at 60cm by 60cm. Inspired by their work with upholstery and furniture they also borrowed the idea of a “lip” detail framing the pillow, such as you might see on a sofa or lounge chair.  

Over the summer we were again thrilled to learn that the design duo was back with yet another collection for Røros Tweed, to be released this fall: the Mimi series of throws

Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed mimi collection blanket anderssen and voll

Røros Tweed Tobacco Mimi Blanket

Image via Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed

The distinctive Houndstooth pattern employed in this design has a rich and lengthy history. Also known as “Shepherd’s check” it was commonly thought to have originated in the 1800s, when woolen cloaks stitched in this pattern were worn by shepherds in the Scottish lowlands. But in fact, the earliest known use of this pattern dates as far back as 360-100 BC. It appears in what is known as the Gerum Coat. This is one of the earliest and most well-preserved garments ever found, discovered in a peatbog on Gerumsberget hill in 1920, and which can be found at The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm today. 

Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed Mimi Collection espen's green anderssen and voll

Røros Tweed Espen's Green Mimi Blanket

Image via Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed

Anderssen & Voll have reimagined this ancient pattern for the modern nester. Historical or not, the Mimi throw is absolutely gorgeous and we are so excited to introduce this collection in two stunning colors to Blue House Goods: Espen’s Green and my personal favorite: Tobacco. (Though I can’t promise you I won’t run off with all our inventory and bury myself in their beauty before you have a chance to shop.)

Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed Mimi collection tobacco anderssen and voll

Røros Tweed Tobacco Mimi Blanket

Image via Inger Marie Grini for Røros Tweed

We love putting a focus on the designers behind the amazing home goods we source from Scandinavia here at Blue House Goods. What other designers would you like to see us feature and learn more about? Let us know in the comments below! 


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