Crystal Ball Installation at Hadeland Glassworks village

Enjoy Norwegian Tradition: A Visit to Hadeland Glassworks

Hadeland Glassworks is the oldest industrial company in Norway, founded in 1762. Whether on the shelves of my friends’ childhood homes, or in the armoire at my bestemor’s house, the beautiful works of Hadeland Glassworks are a familiar part of my upbringing. And I believe most Norwegians would say the same.

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oyoy kyoto bath towel oyoy kyoto guest towel

Feeling More at Home: Introducing the New Collection from OYOY

This year, Blue House is expanding our footprint in the home with a wider collection of goods from our trusted brands, as well as some new and exciting partners we’re looking forward to introducing. When searching for the perfect pieces to add to our collection, our first stop was a brand we all know and love, OYOY Living Design. 

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OYOY Sporta Basket Fuku Hanger

A New Year Means More OYOY And We Love It

So we’ve been enamored with OYOY for a while now. And man is it cool to watch this brand grow the way they have over the past few years. It just goes to show you there is a real appetite here in the US for quality home furnishings that are at once minimalist and playful. 

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Designer Kristine Five Melvær

Designer Highlight: Kristine Five Melvær

When we are obsessed with a product, we want to make sure we are really highlighting the creator behind it, and in this case, the creator is Kristine Five Melvær.

And as it turns out, her stunning work with the Syndin blanket is but the tip of the iceberg.

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behind the brand: skandinavisk scented candle fragrance diffuser hand cream creme hand wash sustainable brands sustainability lykke hygge fjord

Behind the Brand: SKANDINAVISK

Blue House is all about creating a cozy and comfortable vibe in the homes we love, aka hygge. There’s nothing like a good candle to really bring that warmth into your home. That’s why we are so excited to introduce ...

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