Maki Basket from OYOY with plants on wooden bench

Five House Plants to Brighten Up Your Space

Looking to brighten up your space with houseplants? Here are five indoor plants that will instantly brighten up your home, and a few tips for how to get started.

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Estelle Colored Glass

These 9 Products Are Why I Love Spring

Now that the weather is warming up and spring is in full swing, my mind is on products that are helping me re-emerge from my winter-indoors slumber. From an overdue spring cleaning to a day spent by the pool, here’s all the products that are making me fall in love with Spring.

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oyoy kyoto bath towel oyoy kyoto guest towel

Feeling More at Home: Introducing the New Collection from OYOY

This year, Blue House is expanding our footprint in the home with a wider collection of goods from our trusted brands, as well as some new and exciting partners we’re looking forward to introducing. When searching for the perfect pieces to add to our collection, our first stop was a brand we all know and love, OYOY Living Design. 

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OYOY Sporta Basket Fuku Hanger

A New Year Means More OYOY And We Love It

So we’ve been enamored with OYOY for a while now. And man is it cool to watch this brand grow the way they have over the past few years. It just goes to show you there is a real appetite here in the US for quality home furnishings that are at once minimalist and playful. 

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Livingroom decorated with home goods from Danish brand OYOY Living Design

Brand Spotlight: OYOY Living Design

For me, it was love at first sight when it comes to OYOY Living Design. This Danish brand, founded in 2012 by Lotte Fynboe, brings a playful yet refined approach to home goods design, for both adults and children alike, and was a natural choice for Blue House Goods.

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