Maki Basket from OYOY with plants on wooden bench

Five House Plants to Brighten Up Your Space

By Liv Buli

Maki Basket from OYOY with plants on wooden bench

In our latest Spring product guide, we talked about Rooted and their Breath-of-Fresh-Air box. We LOVE this concept, because houseplants are great for adding a sense of brightness, color, and texture to your space. What is more, caring for your houseplants can be a lovely meditative endeavor in the home, as long as you’ve got your plant care routine figured out. 

Close of of plants in Maki Basket

Looking to brighten up your space with houseplants? Here are five indoor plants that will instantly brighten up your home, and a few tips for how to get started. 

Devil’s Ivy

An easy plant to love. The latin name is Epipremnum aureum, but it is more commonly known as “Devil’s Ivy” because it is a very resilient plant that grows even in the darkest spots. Despite its unusual name, Devil’s Ivy is a beautiful and colorful houseplant. Each leaf has a unique mix of light green and yellow shades. Because it’s a vine, you can attach it to an indoor trellis and create a beautiful centerpiece on your wall. You can also place it in hanging planters or on shelves for an elegant drop downward.    


A favorite among homeowners is the Monstera Deliciosa, and we have a beautiful specimen at the Catskills Blue House. This plant is also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant because of its distinctive leaf shape. Monstera is non-toxic and safe for pets, which makes it ideal for those who have curious critters that find it hard to stay away. Just like Devil’s Ivy, Monstera is a vine too. You can connect it to a trellis or add sticks to the soil to support it as it grows. Indoors it can reach a height of 8ft (2.5m) so make sure to place it in a spacious room where it has room to really unfold. 


The most popular Calathea plants are Orbifolia and Lancifolia, but there are over 300 other species, each with its mesmerizing pattern. When compared to other plants, they almost look surreal, which is why interior designers adore using them for adding that little something special to a space.. The ideal conditions for a Calathea plant are indirect bright sunlight, high humidity, moist but not damp soil, and relatively warm temperatures above 65 ºF (18ºC).

Snake Plant

Also known as Saint George’s sword or Mother-in-law’s tongue; this tropical plant is perfect for beginner gardeners. It needs very little watering and grows in all lighting conditions. There are many snake plant varieties. Some have cylindrical leaves, others have leaves with yellow borders. We particularly love these for the kitchen, though each varietal has its own special charm and can be a wonderful addition to any space. 

Areca Palm

The Areca Palm was once an endangered species, but now you can find it pretty much everywhere. Cool, right? It’s a great plant that helps you create a bit of a tropical vibe in your space. The palm has light and feathery leaves, but similar to a Monstera, it can achieve great heights. At its best, it can grow up to 30ft (914cm) high and 15ft (457cm) wide. For smooth growth, place it in a room with plenty of access to sunlight. 

So, how to choose the right plants for your space? 

Various houseplants and planters in Starr Living Room

Choosing the right plants for your home, just requires a bit of care. Before bringing a bunch of plant babies home, you’ll want to consider a few details including room size and function, access to natural light, plant care, daily routine, and not to mention style. Try to answer these questions to find your match:  

  • Am I prepared to follow daily, monthly, or weekly watering schedules?
  • Which plants are safe for my kids and pets?
  • Does my room have enough access to light? 
  • Do I want hanging plants, vines, or shelf plants?
  • How much space do I have for plants?

And don’t forget that certain plants like Snake Plant and Devil’s ivy are air-purifiers. If you have allergies or live in a polluted area, you’ll definitely want to add at least one air-purifying plant (or a whole box!)!

Design Tips 

Small planter with Pothos in living room skandinavisk hygge candle

It may seem obvious, but pots are going to have a big say in your design too. Whether ceramic, glass, or plastic; the pots and planters you choose can either make or break a room. You might think about choosing a color palette and style for your pots before planting. This will ensure a coherent look throughout the space. 

Close up of oyoy Sporta Square basket with plant

High-end planters can also get pretty expensive, so you can also think outside of the box, using baskets and other vessels to ensure a bit of variety. Just make sure to use care when watering, and that your plants are not sitting in stagnant water or leaking all over your floors. 

oyoy Sporta Square basket with plant

When it comes to location and placement, windows are key! Some plants need direct sunlight and thrive next to windows. Others like Monstera prefer indirect sunlight and like to be a few feet away. Also, make sure the location of the plants complements the rest of the interior. Plants are a great way to enrich empty and dull spaces in the home. For example, you can make empty high walls more interesting by adding hanging plants, vertical gardens, or even plant frames

It’s hard to go wrong when adding a touch of life to your home with indoor plants. The number one tip we have is to be thoughtful about the plants you choose and their needs, what level of care you are willing to put into maintenance, and also, to sing to your plants from time to time. Who knows if it makes a difference, but it sure is fun.  

Happy planting!


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