oyoy kyoto bath towel oyoy kyoto guest towel

Feeling More at Home: Introducing the New Collection from OYOY

By Liv Buli

oyoy kyoto bath towel oyoy kyoto guest towel

This year, Blue House is expanding our footprint in the home with a wider collection of goods from our trusted brands, as well as some new and exciting partners we’re looking forward to introducing. When searching for the perfect pieces to add to our collection, our first stop was a brand we all know and love, OYOY Living Design

The brand was founded by Danish designer Lotte Fynboe in 2012. Separated into two collections, OYOY Living Design and OYOY Mini, they adhere to some fundamental principles that really speak to us: a respect for natural materials, and a tradition of simplicity. Theirs are functional goods for the home that add a sense of brightness, color, and play. An elegant celebration of childhood memories and family life, as much as these are useful items we rely on every day in our home. 

oyoy living room with kyoto cushion

You might recognize the Rose dish tray and brass drainer - one of the most popular items in our shop last year, and the first home good that has ever had me volunteering to do the dishes. Or perhaps the Rainbow Abacus - a natural wood kids toy that is educational, engaging and elegant at once. (Can you say baby gift perfection?)  

oyoy abacus rainbow toy

From the kitchen sink to the bedroom floor, OYOY’s ever-growing collection of home goods, and their sustainable and natural approach to furnishing the home is SO in step with our values here at Blue House. Oak, birch, cotton, bamboo. All natural, all durable, all so stunning. 

So we want more. 

oyoy kyoto guest towel bath towel in bathroom

First up, we heard you! We’re expanding our collection of textiles to include the Kyoto bath and guest towels in both dark caramel and off white. We LOVE the simple graphic design, not to mention the soft feel of the 100% organic cotton fabric. In the kitchen we can’t live without the Niji kitchen towels and dishcloths. Again we’re talking 100% organic cotton. Again we’re talking subtle, stunning design. So put away that paper towel roll right now plz. 

Kitchen with oyoy yumi cutting board

Not to mention a bunch of other elegant upgrades for your kitchen. We’ve got the Yumi cutting board, we’ve got new Sporta bread baskets. All those finishing touches that add a touch of hygge to your home. 

oyoy rose ronja canopy childrens child kids room 

But we’re also making some upgrades throughout the rest of the house. From these gorgeous Ronja canopies for the perfect playroom reading nook, to the must-have Maki Basket. Designed for storing logs by the fire, magazines, or even plants – as all things OYOY she is both elegant and playful, modern, and minimalistic. 

oyoy grey maki basket with plants

In the coming months we’ll have even more to share from this amazing brand. Like us, you guys seem to love a great piece of functional and flat-packed furniture, and we’re here for the new designs that OYOY is rolling out in that space. Shipping logistics are WEIRD atm, so we’ll be adding to the shop as new items keep rolling in one by one. 

oyoy bedroom with kyoto cushion kotai bench

So go check out our new collection from OYOY. If you find something you love that hasn’t arrived yet, make sure to add your name to the waitlist so you can be the first to know when it arrives! I would say these items are flying off the shelves, but we barely have time to put them on there in the first place! ;) 

All photos via OYOY Living Design


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