Introducing: Inside the Scandinavian Homes of Women Entrepreneurs

Introducing: Inside the Scandinavian Homes of Women Entrepreneurs

By Liv Buli

Introducing: Inside the Scandinavian Homes of Women Entrepreneurs
Photo Credit: Astrid Hernholm


Women are creators. Business owners. Mothers. Wives. Daughters. Sisters. Sisters-in-law. Caregivers. Homemakers. Executives, and middle managers. Friends. And don’t forget: Superheroes.

You probably already know this, but another reminder can never hurt. That is why we are introducing a new content series here Blue House - and the focus of our project are some of these very women, the inspiring work they are doing, and the spaces they have created around them.


Modern desk in home with line drawing of female

Photo Credit: Astrid Hernholm

The Scandinavian climate isn’t exactly easy. It can be dark and cold, but it can also be splendid.

Perhaps in large part because of our environment, we work hard to make our homes a warm, inviting, and comfortable space to be in. Scandinavians also have a reputation for good design, for good reason if you ask me. We are hesitant of trends, and instead aim to create a safe space where we can be our true selves. Which with everything going on in the world, feels more important than ever.

Designing from that perspective, building from less, seeking out long-lasting goods, creating a sustainable world, we strive to create homes of real emotional value. We’re honored to have the privilege to portrait this labor of love for some very inspiring female creators.

To help us bring this project to life, we are thrilled to be working with another inspiring female creator, Astrid Hernholm. Astrid is a photographer based in Oslo, who will be working with our subjects to document their homes and the lives they live in them. Her work is inspired by both space and human connection, making her the perfect shepherd for these women’s stories.


Image of pink exterior in Merida MexicoLiving room with picture wall and round tableCopy of newspaper laying on table

Photo Credit: Astrid Hernholm

So stay tuned for the first installment in our series in the coming weeks. We’re excited to celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and women who inspire us.

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