Why You Need A Candle Holder

Why You Need A Candle Holder

By Dee Foster

Why You Need A Candle Holder

Hey there, non-Scandinavian here 👋  I’m Dee and I do some web and social stuff here at Blue House and I’m here to talk to you about candle holders. 

I had never really purchased a candle holder before. I would occasionally buy a scented candle or get them as gifts, but they were never really a part of my home decor or daily life. Fast forward to becoming best friends with a swede. She showed me just what I had been missing when it comes to the power of a good candle strategy.  

Growing up in Sweden, as that well-known Scandinavian darkness would start to set in, my friend Amanda and her family lit candles around the house to bring brightness, warmth and comfort. When she moved to the United States, she noticed this wasn’t a common thing that her friends did, but she continued to follow her familiar routine, lighting candles nightly to feel more at home. 

Every time I came over, she would ask me to light all the candles while she poured us some wine and finished dinner. When I asked her more about this ritual, she gave me a few tips to start implementing this myself. And honestly, I’ve never looked back. Little did I know that by thoughtfully adding a few candle accents to my house, this would make it feel like a true home. (Not to mention, a place where grownups live.)   


Here are a few of Amanda’s quick and simple tips for how to add a touch of “hygge” (is that how they say it?) to your home with just a candle. 

  • Get anywhere from 8-12 different kinds of candle holders. Large, small, individual holders or a sleek candelabra, tea lights, votives – some combination of the above – and place them around the house.
  • While the occasional scented candle can be lovely, do try to avoid many scented candles, as this can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Buy tea lights and stick candles in bulk and keep them in the closet. The candle itself doesn’t have to be fancy, the candleholder is the real star. Candles can get expensive, especially if you are burning through them on a regular basis, and this way, you can save a few pennies. 
  • Move them around depending on your mood or to create the vibe you’re going for in a certain space. 
  • Source candle holders you love from all over and make sure to keep an eye out for unique pieces when you travel. You’re not searching for something specific, but rather looking for something that makes you happy. 

Like I said, since learning more about this tradition, and the warmth and comfort it can bring to your home, I too have really learned to take advantage of the simple candle, and recommend you do the same. Here are a few of my favorite options for candle holders, inspired by my Scandinavian friends.

OYOY Circle Brass Art Candle Holder, $45

OYOY Circle Brass Art Candle Holder Blue House Goods


Domain by Laura Hodges Studio Round Soapstone Tea Light Candle Holder, $16.99

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio Soapstone tea light candle holder


Marimekko Iso Stämpel Candle Holder, $135

marimekko iso stampel candle holder light brown 


IKEA Fulltalig Candlestick Candle Holders, $12.99

Ikea Fullitalig Candlestick Candle Holder


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