Photo of Swedish Easter Tree

Easter Giveaway with Entertaining Ella

By Liv Buli

Photo of Swedish Easter Tree

I don’t know about you, but we Norwegians loooooove Påske (translate: Easter).

This is a time of year where we typically flock to our cabins in droves, gleefully leaving the trappings of everyday life behind in town. We bulk shop “kvikklunsj” and clementines for sustenance, strap on skis in the early morning, and spend some well-deserved restful moments soaking up sunshine “i hytteveggen” in the afternoons. Kids are occupied with organized activities – daily slalom races and ski jump competitions. Not to mention, a deluge of spring-themed arts and crafts to bring home to mother at the end of the day. 

Talk. about. hygge.  

Daughter with Swedish Easter Tree

This year though, Easter looks a little bit different than normal. There won’t be many cabin trips and ski jumps and organized activities. And most of us are struggling with too much on our plates. Some are struggling with too little. Yet over the past few weeks, I’ve observed a whole lot of people finding ways to seek and spread hygge in the face of what is happening.

As for our family, we’re holed up at the Blue House for the foreseeable. And I suddenly find myself running a small daycare in addition to my “day job” of getting a small business off the ground. I know we are not alone in this challenge, there are many parents out right now there who need ideas for what to do with the little ones, and that’s why the Instagram account @entertainingella is EXACTLY what we need this Easter. 

Started by Scandinavian super mamma Caroline Poeton (who happens to be my very cool and creative sister-in-law), she has taken it upon herself to spread hygge and inspiration with a steady stream of amazing tips and tricks for how to keep your toddler entertained and creatively fulfilled. 

“As a stay-at-home mom, I know exactly how hard it is to keep kids entertained. The thought of all these parents now juggling multiple toddlers and work from home made me dizzy!!” says Caroline. “This was a little way I thought Ella and I could help and share some love! We are LOVING all the feedback and photos of happy parents and kids testing our games all around the world right now!”  

Photo of child making paper easter decorations

The best part? In true Norwegian resourceful spirit, a lot of the activities make use of stuff you probably already have in your home, like cardboard boxes and ice cube trays, and basic art and crafts supplies. Cut out some rectangular strips of card stock, add double-sided tape and you have indoor skis! Dip toilet paper rolls in some yellow paint, add a feather and a paper beak and there’s your easter chicken.  

Photo of daughter with paper easter decorations
Hanging our easter decorations for the neighbors to enjoy!

Inspired by @entertainingella's giveaway challenge this week, we’re getting crafty here at the Blue House - making our very own Easter decor, of course with a twist of home! “Påskeris” is a handful of branches (usually birch but let’s not be picky shall we) decorated with feathers, eggs, and other easter trappings. I obviously don’t trust the one-year-old with actual eggs, nor do I have any feathers on hand up here in the woods, so we’re using construction paper, cotton balls, q-tips, and good old fashioned glue to create our decorations. 

Photo of daughter with Swedish Easter Tree

But that’s what is great about this project. You can make it your own. So go see what supplies you can dig up around the house and get the kids busy decorating. Then share your creations for others to see. It doesn’t need to make Martha Stewart proud to be fun, and there’s no time like the present for hygge. 

We’d love to see your Easter-themed decorations! Share a pic on Instagram and tag @bluehousehome and @entertainingella for a chance to win an arts and crafts supply kit + and a playful OYOY Mini kid’s placemat from Blue House Goods. The winner will be announced on Entertaining Ella on April 14. 

Happy crafting everyone, and god Påske! 

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