What Makes a Home a Hytte?

What Makes a Home a Hytte?

By Liv Buli

What Makes a Home a Hytte?

There comes a time in every home project when you’ll need to fill out all the little pieces in between. Your floors are in, the hot water is running, the last of the blue tape is gone and big furniture has started to arrive, but still, it doesn’t feel complete. For when that time comes, here’s our guide to the essential goods of any Scandinavian home. 


First of all, you’ve gotta have a bench, or three.

I am not talking about something elaborate or ornate. I am talking about a simple, modern wooden bench. You’ll find them everywhere in Scandinavia, but a good one is harder to come across this side of the pond without spending a pretty penny on custom. Honestly, the SKOGSTA bench from Ikea gets pretty close, but for the higher-end version see the Slice Bench from Normann Copenhagen

My dream bench is fitted with a pillow, but consider adding soft seat pads from Røros Tweed to break it up and perhaps a sheepskin throw like this one from The Citizenry. Swap out some chairs at the kitchen or dining table, or place across from your sofa for added seating in the living area. At the foot of your bed. As shoe storage in your entryway. I could go on for days. Just take it from me you need a wooden bench. 

Now, there is literally nothing worse than when you’re sitting somewhere (on a wooden bench perhaps?) with a glass in your hand and nowhere to set it down. (Ok maybe there are some worse things, but frankly, I just can’t imagine them at the moment.) Anyway, the solution? A great sidetable.

Røros Tweed Syndin pillow moorland with picnic natur blanket on bed, side table from Hem

Another simple, versatile piece you’ll need for your home or hytte - place a side table next to your sofa, swap out your cluttered nightstand, or use it to display a plant, book, or lamp that you love. (And do not, for the love of God, put a doily on it.) 

Speaking of lamps, it should go without saying that Scandinavians are pretty big on lighting. Long, dark winter months are far easier to handle when your home is lit up like a Christmas tree. When looking for the right lamp or fixture, you can go bold or more delicate, but keep it simple to easily add a bit of warmth to any space. 

There are more ways than one to do this. Add warmth I mean. A sofa is not (not in my mind at least) complete without a selection of thick and cozy blankets for napping purposes. As well as a respectable pile of pillows. If your tabletops could use some “zhuzh” consider a nice tray, and keep a stack of coffee table books. Some recent favorites of mine are New Nordic Houses and the Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes.

Last but not least, you’re going to need storage and places to hang your stuff right? The OYOY Sporta baskets make for attractive and flexible storage bins, and check out The Dots for a playful Scandinavian take on the coat hook. Looking for a rack for your entryway? I’ve been ogling this coat rack from Hay for a long while. 

coat rack urban outfitters, sporta wall basket and sporta square basket for storage, entryway storage and hanging

From wooden benches to a pile of pillows, these are just some of the basics you’ll want to turn your space into the Scandinavian hideaway you have in mind. Stay tuned for more product guides and tips on how to make your house feel like a Scandinavian home – or better yet, a hytte.


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