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5 Products To Make Your Home the Ultimate Comfort Zone

By Blue House Team

sixpenny neva chair
Image Credit: Sixpenny Instagram


Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My name is Nihana and I work on Merchandising & Strategy for Blue House Home. Since it's my first time here I thought I might introduce myself!

I grew up in South Florida (where I certainly had never owned a wool blanket before) and moved to New York about 5 years ago. Going from living in a warm-weather state to one that experiences all four seasons was certainly a challenge at first, but I have been so inspired by what Scandinavian design has to offer, and it is now a key part of my definition of home.

Combined with my background in retail and passion for product hunting, I’m here to share with you new brands, hidden gems, and trends you can incorporate into your home life. I’ll also be taking you along on a behind-the-scenes look of how we curate our assortments and edit our design thinking.

Today, I thought I’d start by sharing some products I’m starting my 2021 with. One of my resolutions this year is to create a space that feels like a sanctuary for mental clarity and calm. Here are the products that are helping me get there:

1. A Great Timepiece

Van Doren Timepiece Jotunheim Lady Collection
The Jotunheimen Lady Collection
Image credit: Von Doren Instagram 


A few weeks ago, the power went out at my house. I started to sweat - my phone was at 3% battery and the electric company wasn’t expected for hours. How would I get all my work done?! Well, my phone died and I didn’t get to my work BUT something else happened - I slowed down and embraced the moment and it was lovely. I want more of that in my home this year. To give myself some space and clarity during those no-technology moments, I’m counting on a good watch to keep me on track. 

I love Art Nouveau-inspired watch brand Von Doren and in particular, their Jotunheim Lady Collection. They’re lightweight, deliver a clean aesthetic, and offer interchangeable leather straps.


2. A Security Blanket

røros tweed cloudberry syndin blanket pillow throw 

The Røros Tweed Cloudberry Syndin Blanket
Image Credit: Røros Tweed


But like, an adult one. It’s cozy season and nothing makes me feel like curling up on the couch with a good cup of hot chocolate and a movie like the Syndin blanket does. You’ve surely seen this superstar blanket on our IG these past couple of weeks - and for good reason. It’s crafted from superior Norwegian lambswool and designed by the iconic Kristine Five Melvær (check out her work here). Get yours today in the cloudberry colorway, a guaranteed reminder of happiness and a calm spirit.


3. An Essential Oil Diffuser 

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

The Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser
Image Credit: Vitruvi


It’s a wonderful and safe way to add natural scents to your home. As humans, scent is our strongest sense and can drastically affect our moods or bring back old memories long forgotten. 

I love this Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser, the workmanship is impeccable and the matte porcelain cover looks elegant and expensive. It’s a great gift idea and people can always personalize the scent with the oils they choose. I have tried many other diffusers and for me, nothing compares to this. Also, how beautiful is that new Rose color-way?


4. A Good Chair

sixpenny neva chair

The Neva Chair from Sixpenny
Image Credit: Sixpenny


Okay, this one’s a definite splurge, but the right kind of splurge. I recently discovered this brand and immediately fell in love with their aesthetic and values. Sixpenny believes our homes should be the most comfortable, personal, enriching space in our world. We couldn’t agree more. Discover the Neva Chair and get reeeeal cozy.


5. A Hot Drink That Doesn’t Quit

Ember Mug Metallic Collection

The Ember Mug² Metallic Collection
Image Credit: Ember Instagram


Alright, I know I just talked about the importance of no tech - but it CAN be used to help us relax, I swear! And this mug is so cool because It allows you to control the temperature of your liquids using your smartphone. Ember recently released a beautiful, metallic line in their offering. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation (any Stranger Things fans in the house?) and with a mug from this here, I can spend hours doing just that. Check out the Ember Mug² Metallic Collection


What are some products you’ve discovered that should be on this list? Leave a comment below and let me know, I love a good rec :)

Also, be on the lookout for my monthly product guides! And feel free to DM me or email me with any thoughts or just to say hi! 

‘Til next time!


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