A New Way To Shop: Introducing Blue House Cabin Kits

A New Way To Shop: Introducing Blue House Cabin Kits

By Liv Buli

A New Way To Shop: Introducing Blue House Cabin Kits

I still can’t believe it’s been more than a year since Blue House launched.

It’s been a year rife with changes and new perspectives, that is for sure. And as we have gotten to know you, our growing tribe of customers and followers, the pieces you love and how you live, we’ve heard you loud and clear.

So today, we are so excited to announce a new way to shop at Blue House!

Meet Blue House Cabin Kits.


Røros Tweed Picnic pillows in petrol and natur    Close up Røros Tweed picnic blanket on Rove Concepts Sofa

Rove Concepts Sofa in Oslo with Røros Tweed picnic blanket


We’ve curated our already carefully curated collection (say that three times fast, I dare ya) of Scandinavian home goods to create three unique offerings depending on your needs. Choose between the Oslo, the Stockholm, and the Copenhagen - each kit is designed around some of our most popular pieces, and paired with the accents and staples that really bring them to life.

If you’re not sure what kit is the one for you, take our style quiz. Then schedule a consultation with our team of hygge experts, and we’ll help you customize your order and guide you to the perfect cabin kit for your space.


Living Room table and Interior Define Sofa in Starr living room by Blue House

Bookshelf in Starr living Room by Blue House


Why Cabin Kits?

Because you told us you want a low-key easy way to shop for your home. And because we wanted to create a simpler way for you to make design decisions, offer a curated selection of products designed to work together in your space, oh and bonus, save you some money in the process by bundling items.

Maybe you don’t want to worry about what goes together, or have to agonize over whether it will all come together as you had imagined. Or maybe you know exactly what you want and you can spot a good deal on great design when you see one. 


Røros Tweed Syndin pillow and OYOY Kyoto pillow on Rove Concepts loveseat


Ok, but why are they called Cabin Kits? 

Because here at Blue House we also kind of believe everybody needs a little “hytte” in their life. Don't you? Head on over and check them out right here


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